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Art of Approaching Women Review


Joseph Matthews, in his new book The Art of Approaching, offers some keen insight into why most men fail to attract women.   For years, he says, the feminists, the female-oriented media, and the scores of books they’ve written, have preached to men about what women are truly looking for in a man, but it turns out most of what they have been saying is wrong.

Women are rarely interested in the «nice guy,» the one that is careful about what he says and the way he acts, desperately trying to appear less masculine.   Nor are they necessarily looking for the guy who buys them drinks and flashes his bankroll.   What women want is a guy who exudes confidence from every pore; a guy who is so secure about being a man that they simply can’t resist him.
According to Matthews, for years men have been conned into thinking that the best way to attract a woman is to act like a woman.   But most women are not looking for the sensitive guy who follows them around or the one that caters to their every need.   If that’s all they wanted they could get it from another girl.   This behavior is the reason that so many men are relegated to the role of «best friend» while some other guy—the guy who treats her like dirt—is consistently taking her home.

What is The Art of Approaching?

The Art of Approaching tells men to unlearn everything they thought they knew about picking up women.   You need to ditch the pick-up lines and the dime store psychology that is preached in the thousands upon thousands of seduction and dating books, and completely reinvent yourself.   This program teaches a systematic method that will guide you from the first encounter to the bedroom, and will help you approach and land any woman of your choice.   Just by changing a few things—what you wear, what you say, and how you act—you can quickly gain the advantage in any situation and have women falling at your feet.

Key Features

Matthews has thoroughly researched the other dating programs, so you don’t have to.   He has kept the valuable stuff, ditched the rest and added his own field-tested methods to come up with a «synergistic» program that truly works.   Here are some of the things you’ll learn in The Art of Approaching: The single most important factor you must control if you want a romantic encounter with the woman of your dreams.

Why the «average Joe» often winds up with the most beautiful women.
A time-tested standing posture guaranteed to drive women crazy.
The 6 dead giveaways that a woman is interested in you
4 surefire ways to know if the girl you are eyeing is eyeing you back

And much more…

If you have become frustrated by all the «garbage» out there promising rapid success with women—techniques that almost always fail—maybe it’s time to try a new tactic.   The Art of Approaching is filled with fresh advice you can test today, and with literally hundreds of testimonials from men who have succeeded using this program, it is certainly worth a shot.

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