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Asking Out Girls


The Rules You Must Follow So you like a girl, but you’re too fearful of rejection and humiliation? You’re too scared to start asking out girls. We’ve all been there at some stage. But what I can’t emphasise enough is the neccesity to go forward and try. Because without trying, then you will never ever succeed. A guy who goes forward and at least tries asking out girls, will be in a better position than a guy who never went forward and sat at home wishing what could have been.

The guy who stepped forward pulled up his pants and strolled forward has gained at least two  important things. Firstly, he has learnt a lesson in coping with rejection. Secondly, he has gained some experience as to why he failed. He has something to think about. He would have many questions to think about and a lot will be unanswered. However, help is on hand. Read on to find out how you can gain enough confidence to make the approach and know for certain that your girl will say «yes».
There are three stages to the process. Firstly, get yourself noticed. Secondly, create some tension. And thirdly, learn how to actually go for it. Sounds simple, right?  Here’s how it works.

Stage One: Sow the seeds of attraction and make sure the girl likes you

Asking a girl out will be far, far easier if you feel confident she’ll say yes. You’re probably thinking that’s all very well, but surely you can’t force a person to like you? OK, you can’t, however you can give yourself the best possible chance by understanding some easy pointers about how to make yourself instantly more attractive to women.

Don’t take yourself too seriously – that’s an instant turn-off. Show your girl that you are able to laugh at yourself a little. It demonstrates inner confidence says that you’re a fun person to be with. Confidence and humor are the two most important personality traits when it comes to attracting women.
Smile lots and make good eye contact. A smile shows that you’re open, friendly and easy to talk to and it will make a girl feel comfortable in your presence. Make sure your smile is genuine, or she’ll see right through you. Good eye contact is also essential; it sends messages that you are honest and trustworthy.
Look your best. Again, it might sound obvious, but when you’re going to be around the girl you like, be sure you are well dressed. Don’t be afraid to dress a little differently, either. It shows you’re an individual. No-one wants a carbon copy of every other guy in town. She’ll respect the confidence that you have to be a little different.

Stage Two: Create sexual tension

Build up to the event of asking a girl out by learning how to flirt effectively. Play it cool. Let the girl think you’re interested one minute by flattering her, smiling and being nice, then back off and act a little aloof the next. Girls love a good chase. It’s no fun if the guy obviously likes her as there is no challenge. If she’s left questioning your feelings for her, it makes for a compelling situation and it is how genuine sexual tension is created. Play it right and she’ll literally be left begging for more.

Stage Three: Going for it

So you’ve done all you can so far to hook your girl in and create some tension. Next, you need to check out her signals to see if she feels the same way. If you understand some of the basics about body language, you’ll be able to figure it out.

Some of the classic signs that she is interested in include her body language mirroring yours. Is her body angled towards you when you’re talking? Are her arms and legs uncrossed?  Is she smiling easily and making good eye contact?  Is she touching her hair or tilting her head to one side? Is she joining in the flirtatious banter?  If so, then the chances are you’ve got her just where you want her. You’ve nothing to fear about asking her out, just make sure that you remain calm and focused when you go to ask the question. Do it fully expecting her to say yes – even that belief will increase your chances of success further as it will be reflected in your confident body language.

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