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Did this ever happen to you? A girl told you that you are aberrant, that you have a blue head, which you do not stop to think about sex? Probably you did not know what to do with yourself.

Did you not know how to respond? Did you start to think about sex? Maybe, what sure, when you will tell her the same the things she indeed will think about sex and also will imagine herself with you. One of the important things when creating a sexual tension is to insert sexual connotations to the conversation.

How to do this?

Method A

This is sound dirty. Almost for all the things it’s possible to tell this.


She: I love to eat bananas.
You: This is sound dirty.
She: He bumped into me strongly.
You: This is sound dirty.
She: I am not believe that I put it into my mouth.
You: This is sound dirty.
At The Restaurant
You: What do you have to offer?
Waitress: Everything.
You: This is sound dirty. Let`s check you spy voyeur clips!
It’s raining
She: you don’t have any idea how much I’m wet.
You: This is sound dirty.
You simply put things into sexual context, on the most of the things it’s possible to tell that this is sound dirty.

Method B

Here you need to present her as a naughty.
She: I’m really tired
You: oh, what did you do yesterday?
At The Café…
She: I’m going to the restroom
You: I’m sorry but I am not ready to this so quickly, (you present her with the blue head, you are the prize. You put a sexual conversation to the air, in addition she will think about what would happen if you go with her to the restroom).
She: do you want to go with me until my house?
You: I am not ready to this so quickly!

Pay careful attention, you place an obstacle, you are the prize, she is the one that try to tempt you, and she will, for sure, think about what would be happened, you tease her.
Generally, after some comments like these the conversation will flow sexually and what sure her friends will not tell her comments like those, therefore what is the chance that she will show you as a friend?
This post will show you how to attract woman, what is the necessary steps that you should do and you will discover if it’s really important what you say?

Every man would like to know the secret to attract any woman they want.
Some people think that just a few men know the secret to attract woman, these is the biggest mistake in the dating industry.

Every man could learn the attraction game. Of course, it is not an easy game but if you really want to start attract woman that you like, it is possible.

The first and the most important thing that you need to understand is the confidence game. Women want their man to be confident.

No matter what she will tell you, woman it’s woman and woman want her man to be confident, man that knows what he wants from his life and he knows where he want to go, no matter if it’s the right place to go. This is the first thing in the way to attract woman.
How could you start to be confident man and start to attract woman you want?
There is saying that says: «fake it until you make it»…
All you need to do in order to succeed in the women field is to practice. Maybe you will not succeed at the first time but more you will practice is more you will succeed.
You will see that when you start to succeed, your confidence will grow automatically…
There are a few steps that you can consider in order to increase your confidence.
Attract woman will be a little bit hard to someone who never attract woman in his life.
Here are a few steps that you can consider in order to avoid the obstacle of attract woman:
First, go to woman and ask her general question such as: «where is the hear cloths store?»  Or whatever you find relevant to your situation.
First, you feel that you are confident with that step; you can start the next step.
Once you ask her the general question and you feel that the woman you talk to is someone that you would like to know more about her, ask her for her opinion…

Let continue with our example…

You: «Hi, where is the near cloths store?»
She: «You need to turn right and it’s right there»…
You: «once we are taking, can I get your opinion?»
She: «yes…»
You: «The reason that I’m going there is because I need to buy to my friend present to her birthday. What you, as a woman, would like to get to birthday?»
Now she will talk and talk and here you will need to notice if there is chemistry between of you, once you decided, you need to tell her that you need to go but you would like to talk with her more so you will offer her to drink coffee or something so ask her to write her phone number for setting your date.
This is the easiest way to attract woman. Also, we understood that it’s no matter what you say; it’s all about your confidence.

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