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Be the Guy Who Gets the Girl Review



There are literally hundreds of books, DVDs and e-courses on the market today, all promising to help men attract and score with successful, beautiful women, and although they differ somewhat in what they offer, most of them do have one thing in common:   they are all written by men!   Now I don’t want to sound like a skeptic, but if you truly want to know what women are attracted to, wouldn’t it make more sense to go to the source?   If you answered «yes,» you just might be in luck.   Be the Guy Who Gets the Girl is one of the first of its kind:   a seduction and attraction course on how to pick up women, written by a woman!

Eh… Yeah that’s the Author of This book… Drool..

In this groundbreaking course, author Tiffany Taylor finally unveils the secret that most women don’t want you to know.   And why don’t they want you to know?   Quite simply, it’s because women love having the power in this initial stage of attraction.   They’re amused at seeing guys fall all over themselves and they enjoy receiving round after round of free drinks, and they know that without this power the playing field becomes a bit more level.

What is Be the Guy Who Gets the Girl and how can it help?

Be the Guy Who Gets the Girl is a step-by-step manual providing you with the key to systematically «unlock» the secret for attracting any woman of your choice, even if you’re «fat, bald or ugly.»  You see, according to Taylor—an expert by association, if nothing else—what most people mistakenly call the «art» of seduction, is really more of a science.   Women are wired to think with the emotional side of their brain and not the logical.   This is why so many women fall for guys that treat them like dirt.   They know they should kick the guy to the curb, but they just can’t bring themselves to do it.   Their logical brain says no, but their emotional brain says yes, yes, yes!

Here are some of the things you’ll learn with Be the Guy Who Gets the Girl:

The ABCs of appearance to help you redesign yourself and make women take notice.

A Mental Spotlight Positioning Technique to help you to permanently overcome shyness.

The 5 places to find the hottest dates.

The «Attitude is Everything Approach» for meeting women.

A scoping technique which shows you how to find interested and available women wherever you go.

And much more…

With Be the Guy Who Gets the Girl you too can learn the emotional triggers that will have women begging for your company.   In fact, Taylor is so sure that you will succeed with this program that she guarantees you will attract any woman within seven minutes of the first «hello,» without resorting to being the «bad boy,» or by assuming any other personality other than your own.
So if you’re tired of taking dating tips from men, or worse, from women who want to keep the secret to themselves, take some time and see what Taylor has to offer in this program.   Isn’t it about time you got some sound advice?

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