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Confident Body Language to Attract Women


Without even the need to speak to women, you can actually gain the upper hand by using the right body language and this is no mere ploy. According to sociologists, about 90% of human communication involves methods that are non-verbal in nature. This means that the proper body language is very crucial in communicating your thoughts or even attracting the attention of the opposite sex.

Through a good knowledge in the rules and basic concepts body language, even deaf and mute persons can have an edge in terms of communication or even attracting people. Well, they can even have more advantage than people who are oblivious to the benefits of body language.

There may be times that you have almost lose your confidence in your male charisma and, well, player skills due to your failure to attract the opposite sex. Now, you can do something about it in a big way via mastering the art of using the body language.  Here are some tips that could help.

Do away with your insecurities

The first thing that you can do to achieve this is by getting rid of insecure and therefore unnecessary gestures. One of the best ways to do this is by observing other men’s gestures in public. Study them and assess how these body language affect you. You will easily notice that you can tell something about their personality just by these telling gestures.

These often overlooked gestures matter big on how certain men appear to women. Through your observation of other men’s body language, you can learn a lot in refining your own gestures in public.

Have more presence

If you are a keen observer, you will notice that some guys have more impact than others. They seem to have more presence than other men. It’s as if they are always at home on any type of environment.  Instead of making room for other personalities, they opt to insist their presence in a smooth and almost natural way. Their dominance is communicated perfectly through the language of their gestures. This characteristic is highly appealing to women.

Through appearing in control, smooth, and relaxed, they seem to look more confident. If you are looking for a role model in terms of ineffable alpha male coolness, you can refer to Hollywood actors like Johnny Depp, Antonio Banderas, and the like.

Enter her space with confidence

One of the best ways to take advantage of your studied gestures is by discarding all your insecurities when talking to women.   You have to appear unafraid to enter her private space, especially when you are trying to make a conversation. However, confidence does not mean that you have to be too affront. This could be annoying and for some women, scary. You do not want to look like a creep on your first meeting. Moderate your moves.

Certain moves such as lightly touching her hands while conversing or other smooth flirty movements help make an impression that you are not afraid to breach her personal space. It is highly advised though to first warm things up before attempting to do this since this could be a tad bit awkward for both of you. You can warm up by first touching her private, er, stuff such as her phone or her purse. Just don’t look to eager or she will mistake you for a thief.

As a final tip, it is best if you could practice your body language first. Practice makes perfect so hone your skills by applying your body language skills on real situation. By doing this, you can assess how women will actually respond and react to you. When you have done enough of this, your skills in attracting women through body language will be more refined and smoother.

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