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Does PUA techniques really works


Puas techniques used lots of canned material, people trends to copy that material and when you are at a bar you may seen people doing the same technique or canned material you have. Personally I will say that I have used them maybe a few times, when I got confidence talking to girls the words just flow naturally. So I just stop using canned material, and if you are a canned material guy, create your own material.

Canned material are great when you don’t know what to say, but try to act more natural and learn the necessary techniques to act like a natural guy. Make a girl laugh is something that you have to learn how to do it. Also you have to learn how to make a girl attract to you, I suggest you to read Double Your Dating David DeAngelo to learn more on how to attract a girl.

Sometimes people use canned material wrong. Calibration is very important. You may see someone using an opener and it works great for him, but when you try it, just didn’t work. And it is because of a bad calibration, you also have to know when to escalate. When you do not escalate correctly you will see how she loses the attention on you and eventually she will shut you down.

Canned material are important when you are starting because you may don’t know what to say to her, but with the time you can stay with the basics and the theory of how to attract girls. Maybe you will mess up but don’t worries it have happen to all of us. Don’t take it so seriously when a girl shot you down, don’t feel disappointed, learn from it and next time don’t do the same mistake.

PUA techniques sometimes are unusual, but it works. Woman may say that they will never work on them, but is not true. Human trend to act by their instincts: if you feel happy you smile; if you can make a girl like you she will talk to you. Is true that not all the openers and canned material will work for you but you have to try and see which works and don’t for you.

Believe me, you don’t have anything to loss if you learn how to attract girls. With this techniques you will also learn how social interactions works, and if you are someone that everybody makes funs off you will also change this, and the most important, you will understand how women thinks.

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