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Fireworks with Females Review


A Little about the Author

Back in his college days, Slade Shaw, author of Fireworks with Females, admits that attracting women was not much of a problem.   He spent most of his time with a group of guys that he calls the «naturals»—a group that always seemed to be surrounded by amazing women.   Shaw and the «naturals» had so much success in fact, that he came to believe that this uncanny ability to attract and land beautiful, intelligent women was natural and commonplace.

It wasn’t until after college, and being surrounded by a new group of friends, that Shaw came to understand just how fortunate he had been in his college days.

With college behind him, reality set in.   Shaw saw firsthand how much difficulty his new friends were having trying to date or even approach women.   It was then that he realized his experience with the «naturals» was the exception rather than the rule.   He wanted to help these guys, and ones like them, to learn the secrets that the «naturals» had taken for granted.

What’s the Secret?

Fireworks with Females is the result of Slade Shaw’s efforts to shed light on the success with women he and the «naturals» enjoyed. This six-part mini course shows you that the secret to attracting women can basically be broken down into two simple, yet golden rules: «For a woman to feel attracted to you, she needs to perceive that you are of equal or higher value than her.»

«Women are more easily attracted to men who are not easily won over.»

Women do not want to spend time with someone they feel is inferior to them, nor do they respond to men who are easily attained or needy.   Fireworks with Females shows you how to increase your perceived value in the eyes of any woman and present that sense of aloofness that they find irresistible.

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